Nashville Wedding Photography – Sarah & Tyler

Gosh, I really don’t know where to start on this blog. Let me just say that it was such a huge honor to be able to photograph this wedding. Years ago, the bride, Sarah, worked with us. She actually worked here before I even started. She and I shared one computer and she would edit photographs in the morning and I would come in and edit in the evening. At some point we became a bigger business and had *gasp* two computers. Sarah and I would work in the office together, and the conversation came up (probably more than once) that she didn’t think she would ever get married. A couple years later, she was working elsewhere and along comes Tyler. To make a really long story short, Tyler spotted Sarah in a Kroger parking lot and told his friend that she was the most gorgeous girl that he had ever seen. A few days later, a friend, not knowing that Tyler had spotted Sarah, introduced the two.

So Sarah and Tyler hired me to photograph their wedding. Not only is it incredibly special that I get to photograph their wedding, but by this point I had already photographed Sarah’s sister Jo Ellen’s wedding.

The wedding took place at Carnton Plantation. This is by far one of my favorite locations! The October garden, even though it was mainly brush, was stunning and complimented Sarah’s custom Olia Zavozina gown. Everything they had at their wedding was significant to them. For instance, the burlap coffee sacks that were used as table runners were significant because Sarah worked at Ugly Mugs Coffee & Tea.  The cakes were made by Sarah’s mom. They even chose vendors that had relationships to them. Tyler worked for the restaurant that catered the event, Sarah used to work for us, and the band was a friend’s. In all honesty, it was perfect. Please enjoy the images from their wedding.Sarah Richmond one of the other Collection photographers second shot for me that day and this is one of her incredible shots.Special thanks to-

Location – Carnton Plantation

Food- Silly Goose

Wedding Gown- Olia Zavozina

Lighting – Nashville Event Lighting

Tent – Music City Tents and Events

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